About Us

Adaptive Broadband is made up of a small team of people who have lived in rural areas and been frustrated by the lack of fast consistent internet, and sub par customer service offered by local ISP’s. With over 30 years collective experience in Wireless networking we decided that if we wanted something done right we needed to do it ourselves. Thus Adaptive Broadband was born.

We set out from the beginning to create the fastest, most reliable network in the greater Willamette Valley. In addition to the towers used by most providers, Adaptive Broadband has partnered with individuals and local businesses to deploy our own private network of towers, located on grain elevators, HAM radio towers, and local businesses throughout our coverage area.  In creating our own network of access points we have minimized the number of customers per tower, while maximizing the potential bandwidth allowed for each customer. 
 Get know more about our plans just contact us or email us on: [email protected]